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Friday, February 22, 2008

When to Go to Walt Disney World

Now seems to be a popular time to plan this year's Disney World or Disneyland trip, but when should you go? You can start with my Walt Disney World basics guide (CLICK HERE), or just look below for a few tips as to when the best time is to go:

In a previous blog I mentioned the off peak times (CLICK HERE, point #2), but to give you further information, here they are ranked in order of least crowded to most crowded:

  1. Week after Thanksgiving up until a week before Christmas
  2. November up until Thanksgiving (the weekend before)
  3. September (after labor day), October
  4. Second week of January until the second week of February (except MLK day)
  5. Week after Easter until early June
Don't want to take the kids out of school? Then the best time to go is the week after they finish or the week before they go in. Due to late finishers and early starters these times are always less crowded than other peak times.

The downside is on off-peak days the parks often close early (no parades and later shows) and sometimes a few of the rides are closed. That being said, I still think it is definitely worth it to go then, even if it is a little colder, as you will have a wonderful experience with the park mostly to yourself. Okay, so it may not be mostly to yourself, but if you've ever been during peak season, you will greatly appreciate the difference.

Happy planning!

When to Go to Walt Disney World

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