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Friday, February 29, 2008

Disney Hotel Savings - Get the Best Deal on Disney Lodging

(Thanks to the Unofficial Guide and Mousesavers.com for a lot of this info)

When trying to save on Disney lodging (in one of the Disney resorts), the best way to save is to book room-only reservations on your own and not use the package deals Disney sells you. As has been mentioned before, the Disney packages are intended to be convenient, not cheap.

These room-only reservations are much more flexible, give you the option of canceling up until five-days before (unlike the Disney packages), and do not require the $200 deposit that the Disney packages require.

So, here are some tips on getting the most savings out of your room-only reservations:

  • Discount codes: these are fabulous, and can be found at Mousesavers.com (CLICK HERE). Whenever a discount promotion is being run on room-only reservations you will find the discount codes there. So keep on eye on that link. Also, be flexible with these as you may have to go at a specific time or you may have to compromise on the room. It may be worth it!
  • Keep checking: keep checking the discount code link above until codes are available. Once the alloted discounted room have been used up, keep checking for cancellations. They do happen. If you are persistent you will be rewarded.
There you have it! Good luck, and enjoy beating the system.

Disney Hotel Savings - Get the Best Deal on Disney Lodging

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