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Friday, November 30, 2007

Disney Movies for Christmas

The Disney DVD club is running a great promotion right called "Disney Movie Express" to encourage people to buy Disney movies for Christmas. First of all, Disney is offering many of their titles for as low as $14.95 with free shipping.

Along with that they wrap each movie in special gift wrap, the giver gets a 3,6,9,or 12 month movie package deal (1 DVD a month), and the giver gets a free Mickey watch!

This is a great opportunity to give and get for the Holidays. Click the link below and happy shopping!

Disney Movies as Low as $14.95 Each!

Disney Movies for Christmas

Disney World & Disneyland Vacation Tips - Savings & Advice

Are you looking for a great deal on ticket and accommodation prices? How about tips and tricks on how to make your Disneyland or Disney World experience more enjoyable for the whole family? Try out the Disneyland Vacations ebook (CLICK HERE) to see great ideas on how to make your vacation much more laid-back and memorable.

For example, have you ever heard of Package Express? This allows you to make all of your purchases and then pick them up when you leave. That way you don't have to manage all of your new belongings while doing all of the other activities like riding rides and eating out.

You can also find out more about the nightly entertainment they offer for the holidays and peak-times, and the weekend performances for off-season dates. Get tips on how to use Fastpass, how to schedule your day to make it more enjoyable and cater it to your specific needs, and much more.

These are all insider tips and tricks you can't find anywhere else. Make your Disney World or Disneyland experience one to enjoy for you and your kids.

Disney World & Disneyland Vacation Tips - Savings & Advice

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Disney Holiday Movies

In my efforts to find the very best Disney Holiday movies, I have been frustrated by the lack of good lists. So, to assist you in finding the best Disney Holiday movies, here are a couple of options. The first, is to simply sign up for Disney Movie club and browse for your favorites. Otherwise you can search at Amazon, which I have done and listed a few of my favorites below.

Option 1)

Get Disney Movies as Low as $14.95 Each!

Option 2)
My favorite Disney Holiday Movies - in no particular order. Hover your mouse over each link for product details. (feel free to suggest some of your favorites)

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas (Disney Gold Classic Collection)

Disney's Sing Along Songs - Very Merry Christmas Songs

Classic Cartoon Favorites, Vol. 9 - Classic Holiday Stories (The Small One/Pluto's Christmas Tree/Mickey's Christmas Carol)

Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas (Special Edition)

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Santa Clause (Widescreen Special Edition)

Santa Clause 2 (Widescreen Edition)

Ernest Saves Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Special Edition)

Disney Holiday Movies

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Disney Princesses - How to Live Like One

In honor of Disney's new movie Enchanted, E Online writer Jennifer Cady put together a wonderful list on how to live like a Disney princess in today's world. (To see the complete article CLICK HERE).

Here's how you live like a Disney princess (taken right from the article):

1. Treat Everyone with Respect: Find something beautiful about everyone, and let them know it. No snide comments, stink-eyes or backstabbing necessary. Just complete sincerity, which people find so refreshing.

2. Help Others in Need: Don’t be afraid to break into song if it will make someone feel better.

3. Set personal boundaries: In Enchanted land, kissing a boy is still considered risqué. Perhaps this is a bit naive, but it's cute to see something as commonplace as a kiss still hold some value.

4. Get Creative: Skip the store altogether, and try to build outfits out of things you already have on hand. For instance, don't be afraid to go all Sound of Music and make your own clothes out of curtains.

5. Be a Polite Houseguest: In the movie, there's an obligatory housecleaning scene, but it isn't there just to reinforce stereotypical gender roles. Part of respectfully crashing on someone's couch is helping out around the house. You know how annoying messy freeloaders can be.

I thought this was a very fun twist on what sometimes carries a negative stereotype. Do you have any other fun and creative ideas on how to live like a Disney princess?

Disney Princesses - How to Live Like One

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Disney Toys from KB-Toys

In our continuing look at Holiday Disney savings, we are taking a special look at KB Toys and their Disney toy options. They have all kinds of great sales for the holidays.

KBtoys.com Special Offers

Here are some highlights this year:

Cheetah-licious Christmas

Disney Princess Activity Table

Decorative Wall Stickers

Big Thunder Mountain Starter (great for around the tree)

Disney Castle Carousel

Disney Classic CD Player

Disney Dream Sketcher

Disney Dual-Screen Portable DVD

Disney DVD Bingo

Disney Fairies Dominoes

Disney Mix-Max (MP3 & Video player - check out other skins)

Disney MP3 Player (check out other designs)

Disney Pictionary DVD Game

Disney 23-piece Princess Trunk

Disney Pix-Clix (VGA Camera)

Disney Princess Activity Table

Disney Princess Enchanted Tales Vanity

Disney Uno

Disney Nursery Rhymes & Fairy-tales

Leapster Learning Princess Game

Disney Train Adventure Starter Set & Game

Disney Monopoly

Scene It? DVD Game - Disney edition

Happy Disney holiday shopping!

KBtoys.com Special Offers

Disney Toys from KB-Toys