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Monday, May 12, 2008

Walt Disney World & Disneyland Birthdays

For those of you planning a birthday at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, there are several "perks" you can arrange for free (find more at www.WDWinfo.com):

  • Tell your resort that you have someone with a birthday with you and they will often decorate your room with balloons, autographed character pictures, etc. (don't expect this to happen every time, but sometimes it will)
  • Got to City Hall in Magic Kingdom or Disneyland, or any of the Guest Services stations in the other parks and tell them who has the birthday. They will give you a birthday button, and the birthday boy/girl will get special character attention all day, particularly when getting autographs signed
  • Be sure to tell the server when you eat and you will get a birthday cupcake and song
  • At any Disney Resort you can tell the front desk you have a birthday child, and they can receive a birthday phone call from a Disney character
There are some very fun party options if you have a budget for it (CLICK HERE for more info). Have a Happy Disney Birthday!

Walt Disney World & Disneyland Birthdays

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