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Friday, May 9, 2008

Walt Disney World - Dining for Two By Park

I thought I would make just a few suggestions if you are dining without kids. Here are some great full-service restaurants to eat at, and remember you can still dine after the parks close on early-closing nights.


There are so many wonderful places to eat here, as dining is an important part of Epcot. One favorite past-time is to simply circle World Showcase and try different authentic foods. With any of these, be sure to have a reservation (CLICK HERE for another entry with reservation tips, and CLICK HERE for other dining tips). Here are some favorites:

Biergarten (German)

Here you can get a lot of authentic German food for less than many of the other restaurants in WDW. It is build to look like a German town square with a very Oktoberfest feel. If you want authentic, try the bratwurst. This may not be dining for two, as if you are not in a group you will be seated with other guests, but the food and atmosphere are so good I had to include it.

Le Cellier Steakhouse (Canada)

Built to look like a wine cellar, the atmosphere is fun, and you have to try the Canadian Cheddar cheese soup and, of course, the steak.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway)

Built like a 14th century fortress, there is a lot of character entertainment. The atmosphere is great, and it is a buffet.

Teppan Edo (Japan)

Beautiful Japanese decor and a lot of great Japanese food. The chefs are a whole lot of fun to watch. Like the Biergarten you will be seated with other guests, but that can be part of the fun.

Bistro de Paris (France)

This is much better than Les Chefs de France. The food is more expensive, but the food, view, and atmosphere are all worth it.

The Magic Kingdom: Liberty Tree Cavern in Liberty Square

This may not be as good as some of the great restaurants in Epcot, but it is certainly the best The Magic Kindgom has to offer. The service is excellent and the food is good. The setting is colonial, with American-style food, the best of which is New England-syle.

Disney Hollywood Studios: Hollywood Brown Derby

This was built to look like the original Brown Derby in California, so it feels just like the Golden Age of Hollywood. The dress is formal, and the food is expensive, but this is definitely one of the best places to eat in all of Walt Disney World.

There are also some great counter-service places to eat, but for full-service those are the favorites.

Walt Disney World - Dining for Two By Park

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