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Friday, June 20, 2008

Disney World Buses - Travel Tips

There are many complaints circulating around the web about how bus transportation at Disney World seems to be going down the drain. There has been some speculation that high fuel costs are affecting the frequency of buses, but as far as I can tell they are running just as they always have. So I did some checking around and thought I would write a post with a few tips on how to get the most out of the buses.

Bus Tips:

  • Buses run on average every 20 minutes at every Disney Resort, and service starts an hour before each park opens. Many guests are complaining about wait times taking up to 30 minutes, so if you are prepared to wait that long, you will more than likely be pleasantly surprised or right on.
  • Character breakfast buses start at 7:00am and run every 15 minutes. Again, plan for a little more time than that just in case.
  • Downtown Disney buses start running at 8:30am, and the bus driver will announce when the latest return time is.

The key to using the buses is good planning. Don't let unexpected wait-times spoil your fun. Just plan for a little extra time and you should be fine.

Disney World Buses - Travel Tips

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