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Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney Dining Plan - Is It Worth It?

There has been a lot of discussion as the whether or not the Disney Dining Plan is worth it, and I though I would put in my two-cents here.

The Disney Dining Plan is a package you can get which they say saves you up to %30 on dining and it is included in the "Magic Your Way" deal. You get 1 table service meal, 1 quick service meal, and 1 snack per person per day on the plan. (For more details on the plan itself and to find out what all that means, CLICK HERE)

As with any packaged "savings" deal or other coupon, you only save money if that's what you were planning to do in the first place. And as I have said in a previous post, the Magic Your Way package (like any other Disney package) is designed for convenience, not savings.

In other words, there are plenty of other ways to save on your Disney dining and still have a great experience.

For my previous post on saving on Disney Dining and other Disney Dining tips, CLICK HERE.

Disney Dining Plan - Is It Worth It?

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