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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Disney Princesses - How to Live Like One

In honor of Disney's new movie Enchanted, E Online writer Jennifer Cady put together a wonderful list on how to live like a Disney princess in today's world. (To see the complete article CLICK HERE).

Here's how you live like a Disney princess (taken right from the article):

1. Treat Everyone with Respect: Find something beautiful about everyone, and let them know it. No snide comments, stink-eyes or backstabbing necessary. Just complete sincerity, which people find so refreshing.

2. Help Others in Need: Don’t be afraid to break into song if it will make someone feel better.

3. Set personal boundaries: In Enchanted land, kissing a boy is still considered risqué. Perhaps this is a bit naive, but it's cute to see something as commonplace as a kiss still hold some value.

4. Get Creative: Skip the store altogether, and try to build outfits out of things you already have on hand. For instance, don't be afraid to go all Sound of Music and make your own clothes out of curtains.

5. Be a Polite Houseguest: In the movie, there's an obligatory housecleaning scene, but it isn't there just to reinforce stereotypical gender roles. Part of respectfully crashing on someone's couch is helping out around the house. You know how annoying messy freeloaders can be.

I thought this was a very fun twist on what sometimes carries a negative stereotype. Do you have any other fun and creative ideas on how to live like a Disney princess?

Disney Princesses - How to Live Like One

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